Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sewing Queue: Negroni and Rooibos

I've been meaning to make a Negroni shirt for Brandon for a while now, and when I found the perfect plaid flannel while fabric shopping the other day I figured it was time. I have eleventy billion things going on right now, but I'm still trying to squeeze in a little recreational sewing here and there. Though at this this rate it's taken me about 2 days just to cut out half the pieces, and the fact it's plaid doesn't help. I just hope I can finish this before spring!

I promise I was in the process of matching it up better!

 I've also been working on a wearable muslin for the rooibos dress, but I'm about 98.9 % sure it's going to be a wadder. It's one of those ideas that seemed better in my head than in reality, but I'm going to finish it and see how I feel. So far the back darts are really strange for some reason and they form dart-pleat things instead of laying flat so I'm going to lengthen them and see if that helps. You can't really tell but I'm pleased with the midriff and piping. I should be since I ripped it out and redid it 3 times. No sleep + sewing = a bunch of mistakes and facepalm moments.

Hopefully I'll have a finished project to share this week!                                                                                   

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